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is the mobile app that pays consumers for

their insight and lets them donate their earnings to causes they care about.

Wish you could do more to create meaningful change?

Now you can donate to your favorite cause without having to come out of pocket!

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Adding to the noise on social media doesn't really change anything.

DO something about it instead of being all talk!

It's never been easier to make a difference:

Get the app

Get the app-indigo.png

Download the Focusloop app onto your phone

Make some cash

Make some cash-indigo.png

Be compensated for your valuable insights

Do some good

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Support your cause with your earnings from the app

Want to have more influence?

To make a real impact, it takes a movement!

Unlock more cash for your cause when your friends and family get the app

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Get an extra $10 every time 100 questions are answered from your network.

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Getting just 100 people to join you in the app qualifies you to start earning even more.

So many reasons to join


Get paid to answer


Answer one easy question whenever notified
(no time-consuming surveys)

Receive special offers


Gain access to hyper-personalized offers only available through the app

Harness your power


You finally get compensated for the data most companies steal from you

Earn special bonuses


Share the app and earn bonus cash when your referrals answer questions

Get paid cash for your insight and receive personalized offers from brands you'll love

Stop being left out of the Loop


Get the app in 3 easy ways:

Get the App CTA

On mobile right now?

Tap the button above to be taken to the app in your app store

We've sent you a link to your phone


Text Me the Link

Enter your mobile phone number and we'll send you a link

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On desktop right now?

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to be taken to the app

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